MTMA22 Day 5: Continuous Integration and Finalizing Packaging

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Day 5 is the final day of MTMA and we were prepping for our end-of-day demo. We largely had everything in place that we wanted, but are looking forwards to standardizing the build, packaging, and distribution of pymarian. I spent a lot of day fixing CI by making sure the right cmake flags were set and setting up python environments as appropriate. Meanwhile I learned that twine cannot upload arbitrary .whl files built for linux. We need to repair with auditwheel which is no big deal. Our CI matrix will eventually need to be something like python_versions X {cpu,gpu} X cuda_versions, but it will be worth it for consumers who no longer need to compile marian from source and can use it on all major platforms.

The CI still needs a bit of love, but the demo presumably went well and I’m very pleased with the progress that we made over the last week. I’m super glad I could participate and look forward to future MTMA’s!