Hello from Elijah

My name is Elijah Rippeth (he/him). I’m a first second year PhD student at the University of Maryland in the Department of Computer Science. My work focuses broadly on natural language processing, but with a focus on multilingual NLP, cross-lingual transfer, and machine translation. I am fortunate to work with Marine Carpuat and other members of the CLIP lab.

Prior to joining UMD, I worked at the MITRE Corporation as a Lead Computational Linguist in the Human Language Technology department within the AI and Autonomy Center where I worked primarily on research and development of translation technologies for professional translators. While at MITRE I completed my MS in Computational Linguistics at the University of Washington. Before that I worked as a software engineer working on DSP-related systems. Before that I studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Ohio University in beautiful Athens, Ohio.


  • 2022-11: I’m co-organizing NLPOSS with Geeticka Chauhan, Dmitrijs Milajevs, Liling Tan, and Jeremy Gwinnup
  • 2022-11: I’m co-organizing the IWSLT23 shared task on formality control with Marine Carpuat, Sweta Agrawal, and friends at AWS AI Labs.
  • 2022-11: I got married 🎉
  • 2022-10: My paper “Additive Interventions Yield Robust Multi-Domain Machine Translation Models” was accepted to WMT22’s Research Track
  • 2022-05: I started my internship with Microsoft Translator, supervised by Matt Post
  • 2022-05: My paper “Controlling Translation Formality Using Pre-trained Multilingual Language Models” was accepted to IWSLT22
  • 2021-08: I started my PhD at UMD! :-)